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Caring for your Soap

Since handcrafted soap has no synthetic chemical preservatives, your bar of handcrafted soap needs more care and diligence to insure a long life.

Any soap will melt if it sits in water, and handcrafted soap, with its natural glycerin content and lack of synthetic additives, is particularly susceptible. Storing your soap out of the direct shower stream and using a draining soap dish to let it dry between uses will greatly prolong its life.
When using soaps for body cleansing, longevity improves if you avoid rubbing the bar directly onto the body. Instead, use a washcloth to apply the soap to your body. This will also minimize encounters with any large pieces of herbs or exfolliants.
Keep unused bars in a cool, dry place, preferably NOT under the sink if you have metal pipes or leaky pipes. (The soap's glycerin will attract moisture from condensation on pipes heated as hot water flows through them.)
As with any skin care product, if irritation develops, discontinue use.

If you are allergic to any ingredients in a soap bar, do not use the soap!

Some soaps may contain nut oils; please read the ingredients carefully. Every effort has been made to note this in the ingredients; however, no warranties or guarantees are made in this regard.

As with any soap, avoid eye contact.

While every precaution has been taken to minimize this, products may contain large pieces of exfolliants or herbs; exercise care when using.

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