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About Us and Our Soaps

Over 10 years ago, I begin my journey with handmade soaps. With the birth of my second child, I came to discover the world of dry skin and eczema. After many hours of research on the internet, I discover many articles about handmade soaps and the benefits of it. I was deeply amazing on the topic and sent out to make my own soaps. After my first batch, (which was a basic soap of coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil and then scented with essential oil of Lavender) I was hooked. I will never forget the joy I had after creating my first batch of handmade soap! Pretty soon we had soap curing all through the house that would have lasted a lifetime for not only my family, but many other family members and friends. I begin doing craft shows through my town and about 2 years later, South Texas Naturals was born.
Our handcrafted soap is now created from a combination of many moisturizing oils such as olive, coconut, rice bran, Avocado, wheat germ and palm oils to just name a few. We blend these oils for a wonderfully smooth and creamy bar of bath soap. Some of the bars have added cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter or another exotic butter for extra moisturizing.

Each batch of our soap is handcrafted from scratch using time-honored traditions and techniques. We make our soaps the old fashioned way using the cold process method. This method retains the naturally occurring glycerin, which helps to moisturize your skin.
After blending the oils,the soap is combined with a solution of Lye and water. ALL soaps are made with the use of lye. The two (oils and lye solution) are combined together to create a chemical reaction that results in soap. Although lye is used to make soap, there is no lye left after the saponification process. Saponification simply explained: Water (or milks, herbal teas) + Fat (oils/butters) + Lye (sodium hydroxide) = Soap with glycerin retained. Once the oils and lye are mixed together, we may add some additives such as clays, herbs and essential oils. We do our best to keep our soap natural by only using clays for coloring and essential oils for fragrances. But due to many customer requests, we have also added some soaps made with fragrance oils. We only use phthalate-free fragrance oils. The soaps are then hand poured into wooden molds and allowed to set for a few days. Then it is hand cut, racked and allowed to cure for 4~6 weeks.

Our individually hand cut bars are unique and weigh between 3 and 4.5 oz., but may vary slightly. Since each bar is handcrafted and cut, they will vary from batch to batch.
Treat yourself or that special someone to a truly exotic experience with our natural soaps.
To extend the shelf life of your soap, store away from UV light or place in a plastic bag and store in a freezer when not in use. We also recommend you use a draining soap dish to store your soap in between uses as extend exposure to water will decrease the shelf life of your soap.

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